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Bodybuilding Programs

Bodybuilding ProgramsHow to Choose the Right Bodybuilding Program


There is a plethora of body building programs available online from some of the famous fitness gurus of the world. However, each program focuses on different aspects of body building and different parts of the body. It is very important to choose the right body building program to achieve the desired results. The results in Body Building are generally measured in body composition, increase in muscle mass and decrease in body fat. Hence, before selecting any body building and fitness program it is essential to be clear about the desired results. One must be very clear what he/she expects and desires the program to do for him/her.


Here are some common questions one must ask before choosing a body building program:


  • What is the aim of the program?
  • Who has developed the program?
  • Is the program natural and healthy?
  • Does the program include nutrition and diet plans?
  • Are supplements, steroids and drugs included in the program?
  • Are the workouts and training programs easy to follow?
  • Does the program come with a money back guarantee?
  • Are there video tutorials with the program?
  • Is the program suitable for people of your age?
  • How long will it take to see the results?


Body Building programs are of four different types –amateur, professional, extreme and natural. Each of these 4 types involves different methods and training. It is therefore required to consult a health and fitness expert to determine the one’s fitness level and physical stability for body building. The age and gender also become a guiding factor as all body building programs are not suitable for all individuals.


A good body building workout routine focuses and works on different parts of the body on different days. So, one must select a body building program that takes care of different parts of the body and helps in achieving well-toned and sculptured body. Some diet programs also include diet plans and nutrition programs that have to be followed for better results. It must be ensured that the food items included does not cause allergic reactions to the users.


A lot of claims are made by different body building programs however, it is important to understand that everything that sounds good may not be effective. One should choose only that body building program which comes with a money back guarantee and has been scientifically proven for its effectiveness and results.


Easy availability and cost is yet another factor that plays a crucial role in attracting the individual towards a body building program. Also the form in which the program is launched matters a lot. Any body building program which is in form of e book or hard copy is generally not so popular as compared to video tutorials and DVDs. Some programs are completely web based which require continuous internet connection.


Bodybuilding Programs


Factors that guide an individual towards the right body building program are:


  1. Skill level: It is essential to find out the personal skill level before selecting a program.
  2. Goal: What results do you expect to achieve from the program?
  3. Time Availability: How much time can you give every day or weekly to the program?
  4. Equipment Availability: Are the equipment mentioned in the program accessible to you?


Although there are plenty of body building programs to choose from in the fitness industry, On the right side you can see a list of some top selling body building programs which have been ranked high by fitness experts and customers.


Each of the above programs has its advantages and disadvantages. Although they all are related to body building, the training, work out, die plan, duration and results vary. It is therefor, required to collect complete information about the pros and cons of each program before selecting one for yourself.


From the above discussion it is very clear that the best body building program is one that has the following features:


  • The program is easy to follow
  • The program can be customized based on the needs and circumstances
  • The program is aimed towards building lean muscles without gaining fat
  • The program is easily available and contains video tutorials
  • The nutrition program includes natural food products which are healthy
  • The program provides quicker results
  • The program is scientifically proven and is backed by customer testimonials
  • The program comes with money back guarantee
  • The program focuses in overall body sculpturing


Selection of the right body building program is difficult but the greater challenge is to strictly follow it to accomplish the desired results. Every program expects motivation, enthusiasm and determination on the part of the user to deliver the results it promises. One cannot expect results without performing the workouts, exercises and weight training methods included in the program. When performed as per the instructions the body building programs can provide visible results within a short interval of time to any individual.